Dear friends, finally I’m back online, after months of having problems with logging in and getting access to my blog.

There are so much I have been longing to share with you, and I will probably give you alot of throwbacks, reflections and updates on how the last few months have been for us, bit by bit.

As you can also see, my blog has had a makeover, and it has been connected with our new ministry website. This hopefully makes it easier to keep you guys updated on our mission work, and also makes contact info and giving info more accessible.

I’m excited to start keeping in touch through blog again, where I can share a little bit more than on Facebook and Instagram. I want to give you an honest look into missionary life, and how it is to live as foreigners in an African country. Even though I filter and sensur a lot of what I post, I don’t want our lives to come across as a perfect picture. Still, to protect the privacy of both ourselves and those around us, I can’t share many of the challenges and struggles we are persevering, and the tears and heartache we are constantly battling with.

But the good surpasses the bad, and I hope that by sharing the satisfaction and joy we feel by being obedient to the calling God has given us, we can also inspire others to follow their dreams.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, and read in our archive to see how this adventure, that started for us in 2014, has developed so far.

Even though alot of time has passed since then, and many things have changed, I want to start by sharing the Summary of 2019, that I wanted to post in January. Stay tuned!

This post is also available in Norsk bokmål